I graduated from the Dutch Design Academy in 1985 and started my creative career as a textile designer and later as interior designer in The     Netherlands. After I stopped working in 2012,  I moved to France and have been painting full-time. 

To commission a portrait, have questions or need advice, you can reach me at: info@portraitofyourdog.com  

Or send me a personal message via Messenger, Instagram or  FaceBook: Ludmila Maria Sienkiewicz

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 18.22.57
At work in my studio.
Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 18.22.50
My faitful assistant, Julya.
Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 18.22.43
Published work.
Painted pet portraits ready to go home.
Zoe and friends. 50x40cm
Cornelius 50x40cm
Nala 50x40cm
Margaret 50x40cm
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